Pregnancy update

Well, says that everyone keeps asking him how my pregnancy is going so I guess I will write about the experience thus far.
So far everything has been going really well. When we first decided to start trying to have a baby, I really didn't know what to expect. I had heard alot of terrible stories about how some people try for years and can't get pregnant and I had a cousin that once she got pregnant had alot of problems during the pregnancy. Fortunately, we had no trouble getting pregnant (I guess practice makes perfect) and so far no big pregnancy troubles. I didn't get morning sickness really. My skin hasn't broken out, the doctor is always happy with the weight and heart readings they take etc.
I really can't complain. I am having trouble sleeping due to the whole laying on your side thing. I used to sleep either on my back or my stomach most of the time with my legs straight out. Laying on my side, they are usually bent and it is bothering my knees. putting a pillow between them helps. I am also having breathing trouble. I just went out tonight a bought another bra with an extention. I am hoping that will help. I just feel like I can't really breathe deeply. I also bought another pair of pants and a few more tops. I also saw a breast pump that I think I would like to try. it is supposed to be hospital quality and has dual positions so you can do both breasts at the same time. I guess I will have 3 months maternity leave to decide on what I need before going back to work.
Pam and are talking about baby showers. We have just about decided on a date of Apr 22nd for the one that she is giving me. my cousin in indiana said that she wanted to throw one for up there so I will have to get back with her on the date.

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