Well called me today. They would like to hire me. Only problem is that they are offering a bit less than I wanted. It is helped by the fact that I can continue to live here rent free (+12000$), but still I would like to be making more money. Everything else about it is good. The main head-quarters is in Bloomington Indiana, which means when they move me up to it I will be moving to a spot that is pretty much equidistant from both of the places I would like to spend my time. I get to stay here. I get to work on machines for people. I get to work on some servers. I stay near my and friends. I stay near -Linux. All great things, but there always must be a downside I guess and the one thing in this is the money they are offering. Now here comes the life altering revelation for the day… wait for it… Money has never been that much of a thing for me. Why is it now? I guess I just thought that I went to for something, and that something was to get a job I liked (which this is) making fat cash (which this isn't). I mean there is a job here at the CS department as a Course Instructor that pays near 40K why not just take it? I am sure that given the skill set of some of the other Course Instructors that they have hired I could get it, but would I then just be becoming like them? I mean Bill Spees, while he would have been a good computer teacher, was a lousy OS instructor, but they kept him on for another year. What afni is offering me would be more money than I have made in my life, and probably more than a lot of other people making at the high point of their lives, but I guess I was just expecting more.

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