Benny Hinn F’s Up

Click through to see the video that Benny Hinn had removed from YouTube despite the fact that he has no rights to it.

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4 Responses to Benny Hinn F’s Up

  1. lev says:

    I just want to say, don’t fight against God. Let God take the glory for the things he does through his choosen people. You have no right to comment and judge God’s ministry. Being against someone choosen from God, means being against God Himself.

  2. Brent says:

    It is impossible to be against something that does not exist. Even if God did exist, you have no way to know that they man was sent from God. As a matter of fact you should definitely look at this video and try to figure out why God would have told him to waste all these people’s money on things that don’t serve God in anyway. Why does he have a 7 million dollar house? How does that help your imaginary God?

  3. maxx says:

    Lev, there’s an interesting corollary to your comment about “…being against someone choosen (sic) from God is being against God himself”, which I think you have failed to consider.

    See, Brent isn’t just against God. But we’ll assume from your argument that being against God is equivalent to not believing in God. Since he doesn’t believe in God, it stands to reason that he doesn’t believe in the Devil either. We can infer from this that he is against the Devil, and therefore everything that is related to the Devil. Wouldn’t this be a positive thing in your book? After all, the whole point God wants to make is that we should be against the Devil – so by your own logic, Brent has accomplished that.

  4. Brent says:

    Nice. Very well put maxx.

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