More progess on the 56 Chevy

I hate to knock the Julie posts out of the top spot, but this is also cool news. Uncle Imon called me tonight and talked for a while about the 56 and sent some pictures. It looks great and I thought I would get the pictures up here for anyone that is interested in it.

56 painted and getting done 00756 painted and getting done 00556 painted and getting done 004

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2 Responses to More progess on the 56 Chevy

  1. KY Dave says:

    Wow, major progress on getting the car finished!

    I would have liked to see the front end and the new chrome for it too. I wonder if the front bumper ever came in for the car?

    Looks nice and clean.

  2. Brent says:

    One piece of the three has came in. That is why all the shots are from the one side.

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