Dog Days of Summer?

I guess I will attribute the lack of posting here to that.  Things have pretty much just been static around here.  Julie is getting bigger, smarter, more active, but there haven’t been any crazy changes.  She says a few single words every now and then, but she isn’t really talking a bunch yet.

P is getting close to finishing her thesis for her Masters.  I think she is planning on trying to defend it here in a month or so.  I don’t know if I had mentioned it on here yet, but she went back to working everyday right around Julie’s .  Julie has been in daycare with a lady that lives just a bit down the road, and she seems to really like it.

i have just been working around the a little.  It has been cool the last few days, so I took that chance to trim all the bushes around the house back down to a more normal size.  Some of them are getting big and we are going to have to move a couple of them because there just isn’t any room in the bed anymore.

P and I put down a edging around some of the beds that made them look a little better and should make it a lot easier to keep the grass out of the mulch.

I guess things are just moving along really.

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