Well I have been working on the new format for this beast. It was getting to be too big of a page to expect people to load all the time. This method also allows me to limit the access to different sections and such a little better. Work continues on in the normal fashion. It has actually been kinda slow and I am without a project to mess with as well. I have also offerred to speak at the January Linux meeting. I am unsure if it will be a big turn out or not, but at this point I no longer care. I plan to talk about what I want and the people that show up will get an earful of information that I think will help them out later in life. Lately the club is stagnating (I think), but I now understand that that is just the way it is going to have to be. No one has applied for the Webmaster position that Aaron left open with his resignation, and I know of no one that is clamoring for the VP position. The archive section is only about 4+ monthes behind and the page is falling into a bigger state of decay. On a plus side zuhli will be taking over the lead role as server admin and he thinks that there are some interesting possibilities for the assistant position. Developement on the servers also seems to have stopped, it isn't really anyones fault I guess it is just that Frank put effort into his position as Admin for the Astronomy Lab (which was a paying position) and the non-paying stuff sometimes took a backseat. I guess I just expected him to put the same energy into the servers that I did, but I now realize that I put more effort into it then most would have because I didn't really give much of a damn about school so that left a large amount of time for the Biodepartment and -Linux.

On another interesting note, I put in an application for a Linux/Unix admin to a department for another . I am hoping that maybe I will get a shot at it due to having to worked for another Biology department. I am not sure if it will work out, but it would be cool if it did. It isn't that I mind my job at , as a matter of fact if it was just our call center and there was no headquarters with people talking down to us and blocking us I think I would actually enjoy it, but the constant effects of having other people tear up stuff and refuse to fix it or even care make the job a little annoying.

I have been playing the expansion pack for Mechwarrior 4 lately and I am wondering if I could develop BattleTech system based upon it. There are a few issues with the multiplayer system that they have for it, but I wonder if it would be possible to modify it to work the way I want it to. I have even dug up some of the old Battletech books out of the bookshelf and started rereading them. I have such streaks in my life were I am really interested in something.

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