Ah… a weekend of relaxation

This was the first weekend in probably 6-8 weeks were I have not had something going on. I spent most of the weekend chilling at the in my PJs working on Diablo. He is tweaked out now. I started out at the bottom and worked my way up to the top. Had to flash the bios on the Dragon board, flashed my modem, and my video card all up to the latest bios. With that done I then preceeded to setup , HTTP, Rsync, and Accelerated X on the Linux side. I next booted into Windows and updated all the for the video and everything. Mechwarrior 4 smokes now!!! Got the new expansion pack for it and I have been playing the shit out of it this weekend. Got back into linux and setup some stuff with the media side of things. Ripped a couple CDs and burnt one. Working on getting the Dxr3 board that I have working so that I can watch my DVDs and stuff without using windows. Tried to setup that up, but somehow it screwed my Font server and X wouldn't run. I couldn't get it to come back up so I tar'ed the /etc and /root directories up and sent them to another machine and rebuilt it again. Dumped the tar back and had the same machine again. I have completely accomplished my attempt to use Linux for everything. Well everything except for playing games. I had a moment of weakness and almost wiped W2k from my machine and put 98 on it so that I really wouldn't use it for anything else, but I fought back and rationalized it by saying that I used W2k at work so I needed to keep it on here.
On another side of the coin of life (and one of the sides I don't mention much) I am somewhat worried about and I. Friday I told Frank and that I would take them out to dinner. That ended up costing me quite a bit as Frank inivted Rob, not that I didn't want Rob to go but I had planned on paying and for the second time Frank threw Rob into that. Also Jeremiah decided he wanted to go as well so I paid for his too. But anyway back to what I was actually writing about… So I told Pauline about that and ask her if she would wait till about 8:30 or so and I would come pick her up and we could come back over here and spend some time together. She said that she was going to go to Morgantown. I didn't have a problem with that. I ask her if she was going to be coming back over here on Saturday because I thought we could go out shopping and stuff. She veto'ed that idea saying that she was going to spend time with her . So I called this morning to see if she wanted to go out with me because I needed to pick up some shirts. I found out that she went to Louisville with some guy to see one of her friends. Not sure how it is that I feel about that, but I am sure that it isn't happy. Lately I have become paraniod about her and the possibility of her cheating on me. I am not sure why, but the feeling persists anyway. Maybe that isn't the best thing to say into such a public forum, but I try to keep this as an open journal so I guess I need to. Pauline puts a lot into sun signs and Zodiac in relation to how people act. While I don't put as much into it I do think that people often times act in manners that could be explained by that, wither it is because of it or just because they do. Regardless one of the things that just about everything I have ever read about Leo signed people is that they like to be the only one in their mates life. In this sense I am truely like that and it drives me nuts to think of even the remotest possiblity that she might be seeing someone else.

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