Easter 2009

Our spring break fell right before Easter this year, and I decided that I would take a few days off this year.  Julie and I hung out Thursday and then Pauline took Friday off as well and we all goofed around the house.  Sunday came and Pauline and I made a bunny cake for Easter.

After a while Pauline’s parents and my Dad came over to watch Julie hunt eggs.  Mom and Stacey were headed to Indiana to see a pacers game.  With all the people, and the dogs Julie was having a great time running from person to person and when we went out to search for the eggs it was non-stop fun.


She ran from egg to egg yelling “Nother one!” or “Found one!” at each one.  Even when she got them all she wouldn’t stop looking around trying to see if there were more out there.  My dad actually got her to go after a golf ball at one point because she was so into it.

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