DnD 4e

For the last year or so I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition with some people around here. It started out as some of my friends just needing a person to fill in, but became an almost weekly thing. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it from when I played it as a kid.

Everyone in the group seems to have a different reason to want to play, but I seemed to find myself using the tabletop encounters and adventures as kick offs to write stories of my own.  They can be great sparks for story ideas and can help quite a bit with character creation.  That is always the part of stories that I had a hard time with anyway.  Now I am sort of outsourcing that part of it to the other members of the group and allowing them to create the characters of my story for me, while I do more with the story line itself.

Up until about a week ago, I was just one of the adventurers in the party, but after a complete party wipe, I was moved over into the DM role for the group.  Not because of anything the previous DM did, just that he was ready to try playing a character, because he hadn’t had a chance to since 4E came out.  I have since ran one premade Dungeon Delve and one set of my own encounters and I think that perhaps mine was the better set between the two.

I have a plan to post my adventures here after I get them done and they are ran by the group.  I hope to be able to provide a little commentary on what happened to our group and how the encounter worked.

Of course I have had plans before, so we will see how this goes.  The good news is that I need to write these anyway for the group, and when I am done they are pretty much ready to post, so there is only a little to stop me from doing it.

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