Happy Happy.. Happy Birthday!!!

No not mine, but Pauline’s. Her was yesterday and to celebrate we took the day off and headed to Opry Mills. Her sister and boyfriend went with us as well. We had a good time, though there are far too many shops in that mall that don’t have electronic items in them. What would anyone need with so many shoes?!!?

Anyway, we had lunch at Chili’s and spent about an hour in Jillians. Jillians is pretty much one of the last decent arcades that I have seen, though they have precious few, normal cabinets. Almost all the games there are drive something, or shoot something type games. There is one Starwars Episode I pinball machine there which is pretty cool and of course skee ball, air hockey and its ilk. While there I took a dance with my new current favorite game (no not dance dance revolution), Police 911. Awesome!!!! It is the first game I have played that seriously gave you a workout. It is a far cry from the old powerpad days of the Nintendo. This game is extremely bad ass. Here is a link. Feel free to start a collection to purchase one for me. Seriously.

Anyway after that we headed to the theater and saw Bruce Almighty. A pretty good movie, that is extremely funny at the beginning. Toward the end it sort of becomes more serious and tries to make a point, but it still has its funny moments then as well.

Headed out of the theater and stopped at a Cosmic Putt Putt place and played a round. I won just beating Beth by one point. Woohooo!! Yay for me.

and Beth wanted to get Ice Cream at this shop there. So we stopped and did that. It really wasn’t that great in my opinion and it certainly did cost a bit of money for it. I think Pauline felt the same way since she mentioned that for they price they were going to have to clean up the table, not us.

Headed back out into the mall for even more shopping. Man I didn’t know their could be so many clothing stores!!! 🙂 Its cool though, because I know was having a good time and James isn’t a bad guy to have to talk to once he gets used to you.

I ended up stopping at an EBStores that was near our exit and finding a copy of MechCommander 2 for $5. I also sort of tricked the lady at the cash register, unintentionally and got a $30 game for $10. I think it is something like Command and Conquer, but set a little differently. It reminded me of a game I saw playing a lot a while ago, so I thought I might pick it up and see if he like it for Father’s day. Probably won’t, but hey for $10 I ain’t losing much and if he does that would be pretty cool.

Finally got out of the mall at around 8:30 after we had gotten there about 10:30 that morning. On the way home we somehow got to talking about card games and and James both stated that they would never play “Speed” with Beth ever again. Speed was a huge game in my middle school and I said I would play her. So then we started talking about euchre and I starting trying to tell them how to play. As a result once we got to Paulines I played a couple rounds of speed with Beth and then we played a hand of eukre. I headed for home and called it a night after that. I hope it was a good day for Pauline. She seemed to act like it was. I guess I could let her post her comments for herself though when she reads this.

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