New Play Area!!!::New Play Area!!!::Well since traffic has died off here some, I thought I would build a new ball pit for you guys to play in. It has some areas that you might enjoy and some you might not. Honestly, there are probably too many boards in the web, but I guess I want to try my hardest to be a Lamer.

Here is the link

I am not sure if it will become a replacement for this, or an add on, or a blah or a blah blah. I really like some of the features of this setup, but some of the other stuff is nice as well. For now most posts by me will be duplicated between the two. I hope to see some people join up and tell your friends about it, since I am always open to more people showing up to parties.

It is still a work in progress as well, so hopefully it will get better and better.

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