Mechassault – XBOX

This game just came out today and on the advice of the boys over at Penny Arcade I picked a copy up. Now I have been playing it for 2 and a half hours and I had to make myself turn it off to write this review.

There is little to say except, β€œDAMN GOOD SHOW!!!!” This game if phucking top notch. It is quick and fast paced, allowing for all the stuff you love from the mechwarrior series, but being a whole new thing.

It is something of a take off of the Mechwarrior 3050 (I think that year is right) game that came out a long time ago for the SNES, but it is infinitely better and more dynamic. Buildings shatter and spark when you fire into them, roads collapse, towers bend and break when you run into them, cars fly when you kick them. All that is just what you do to the enviroment, think about what you can do with the enemies. Hover tanks shift and spin when you fire shells into them. The only thing I really haven't seen be effected by your greatly is the other mechs.

In the previous mechwarrior games you could kinda get a feel for how the enemy was pacing their weapons and by firing a high power weapon right before they did, screw up their aim and make them miss you. I haven't seen that effect in this yet. Perhaps it is such a non-issue because of the lock on system it uses.

This game really makes you want to get a quick connection and join XBOX – Live so that you can waste Gabe and others online.

If the Mechwarrior series had too much for you and not enough action then this is were you need to head, because it has your fix.

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