I couldn’t decide how to write this so I will attempt both ways…..

Once still drives, click and whir. Electrons trudge through old paths once again. Lights flicker and glow. Fans stall and then begin to spin. The power supply struggles under the draw of the drives spinning up to their operating rpms. Memory registers clear and reset. Checks are ran and processed. The LCD display glows a green glow and reads “System Ready”


[Bob Vilia voice] Today on this old Server we will be shoring up this old machine with a new hard drive here and cleaning up the inside cables. Generally what this machine needs is just a little TLC. Now once we get these repairs done we are going to start with a base coat of Redhat Linux, server install. After that we will be adding some after market custom settings and we should come out with a really nice backup server for our clients. We’ll be back right after this with the re-installation of the Proc and Memory cards. Next we will document the search for any extra parts to be had for it.[/voice]

Yep been working on the resurrection of one of my favorite machines for the last couple days and this morning I got it up and running. The one true biglinux lives again. After a fatal hard drive failure, WKU-Linux moved on to other machines, but after a bit of asking I got to get the real beast home. With some parts from Edmonson County I have put it back together in working order. It will work as a online backup server for the systems that we are using right now. Since it does have IDE in it, chances are that we will hook up an IDE drive for some of the backup while using the SCSI for some others. The other thing I am going to use it for is testing of the setup of TUX. TUX will be the main server for our county once the fiber is put in. There will be a lot of setup for it and I need something to work with until the chasis for TUX is freed up.

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