The Links that Bind Us

Spent some time talking with on Saturday. Topics of conversation ranged through several things:

Jokes about threads on the wku-linux list, to talk about the group itself, to talk about the history of the group.

X-Box mod-ing was also of much conversation as well as the cracking on of me for the purchase of a new IDE drive for said Xbox mod-ing. Talk of my mod chip purchase from EasyBuy2000 and their raid by cable companies shortly afterward. So I am still without my mod chip.

Also of some discussion were the various things that people search for that bring them to our sites.

Talk of work and events at both places of employment. Talk of houses both purchased and planned, of fiber and connections to these domiciles.

Relationships and theories about them.

Jokes abounded. From ones about ski racks and the resulting renaming of hills, to cracks about tools and the purchase of replacement blades after over 3 years of owning. Credit cards and lunch, and driving and gas all was discussed and all was good.

With all these link URLs in this it is hard to see what it will look like, so forgive me for improper formating. Also threads and work are double links hit the first part of the word for one link the second for another.

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