If you write shell scripts…

and you don't already know about proccgi, then you are missing out. I like writing shell more than anything else, but the one big problem that I have had with them is there isn't a decent way to parse submitted HTML FORM data in them. That was always Perl's realm. Well now with this program my shell scripts can be CGI scripts easily.

When called in a script it parses all the FORM data and returns it to you as variables with the same name as what is in your HTML page.

It works great for me.

You know that is the really cool thing about using shell scripts for things. If you need some functionality that you don't have, all you have to do is find a program for Linux that does what you need and then you can enhance your script with it. Their is no need to memorize the proper way to call it and the proper way to pass arguments to it and if you should dereference a pointer to it or not. Just feed it the info you need to it work with and wait for the output.

They may be slower, but they more than make up for that with the fact that I don't have to search random includes and such trying to find a pre-built funtion and then read the source code for it to see if I need to pass 4 arguments or 6 plus the linked list reference… bleeck.

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