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Teleyapper Web Script

i have been setting up the Teleyapper Nerdvittles Script at work on our Asterisk server and was really surprised that there was no web interface for putting entries into it.  Since they recommended using phpadmin to enter numbers and I … Continue reading

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At Home Update

Hello all, I just thought that I would write in with an update on Julie. She is precious. She is sleeping less during the day and better at night. Occasionally she is cranky for no reason and she prefers to … Continue reading

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Hell is cooler than Heaven

Taken from bash.org: <Nukleon> the greek “hell” was cold <Nukleon> like the norse <@amz> the christian hell is also pretty cold, compared to its heaven <Nukleon> uh <Nukleon> wut? <Nukleon> heaven is bliss <@amz> it has liquid sulfur in it, … Continue reading

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A wonderful childhood

I just thought that I would write down a few thoughts regarding my childhood and what kind of childhood I hope Julie will have. As a child, my sister and I were always going places. Some of my fondest memories … Continue reading

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Allison Dubois on 1 vs 100

Last night I was watching an episode of 1 vs 100 that MythTV had recorded and was greeted by famed “psychic” Allison Dubois on the show. Many people know her as the supposed inspiration for the TV show “Medium”. She … Continue reading

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Backend Changes

Well maxx has finally decided to call it quits on his webhosting company. That means I had to spend some time looking for a new host. I had already looked at Dreamhost.com a few times so I picked up an … Continue reading

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Homeopathy is bullshit

The comments in the post about Laser Solutions made me think about the fact that I have never mentioned Homeopathy on here.

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Protected: Letter from Frank (his last name is the pass)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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SAMBA 3 Authenticating to a Windows 2003 Active Directory HOWTO

Detailed HOWTO on getting a Linux machine running SAMBA 3 to use a Windows 2003 Active Directory to authenticate logins. HOWTO was created on a Fedora Core 4 machine. Continue reading

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If you write shell scripts…

Using ProcCGI in shell scripts to make them into CGI scripts. Continue reading

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