Thank god we have the reactionary Press…

This really just pisses me off. There are a couple things here that need to be looked at.

1. The parents of the murder victim obviously had no idea what games there son was playing, since he was the one that was playing the game that they called

a manual for murder

They also stated that the murderer was “obsessed” with the game. How the would they know? Where did they get this information? Apparently, the kid didn’t even own a copy of the game, so how does that deem him obsessed? They didn’t even have a clue what video games their kid was playing, why would the media assume that they knew what other people’s kids were playing?

2. The media didn’t even bother to check. A copy of a violent video game was found somewhere. *sarcasim* Well of course it had to be the murderer’s copy and of course it had to be the reason that he killed him. No need to check with the police to see if that is what actually happened.*sarcasim* AND the parents and the media were so emphatic that this was the reason that the got game stores to take it off of the shelves!!!

It is freaking retarded. There should be cash fines for stupidity like this. When people say things that they have no proof of and that turn out completely wrong and ignorant we as a people should be able to fine them for it. This is a perfect example of sheep mindset. People have said that video games might be the reason that people kill people, studies have shown that it isn’t true and yet people still are able to spew out bullshit and have it accepted as the truth.

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