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Monoprice has the best cable prices

We have used Monoprice at work for a while and I knew that they had good prices on cables and such. The real kicker though was when I recently purchased a surround sound receiver from Best Buy. I am planning … Continue reading

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Rodney Carrington Night out

this past sat Brent and I braved the extremely rainy weather to venture out to the large town known as Nashville to see a comedian by the name of Rodney Carrington. He is pretty popular, had his own tv show … Continue reading

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Cloned cows, the other red meat

zOMG OMG OMG!!!!!!11!!111!! They are cloning aminals and put tehm in UR foodz!!! RUN!1!!! ..ahem… sorry. The news agencies are all awash with reports that the FDA might approve cloned animals for sale as food. Whoopdee. People need to stop … Continue reading

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Would you like to save us money and get nothing yourself?

Nationalcity just emailed me to remind me that I can stop getting my paper copy of my statement and check everything online. Discover card says it to me all the time. Alltel (opps Windstream) includes it in everyone of their … Continue reading

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Random Music in this day and age?

Listening to non-mainstream groups Cheapfireworks and MC Frontalot. Continue reading

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Parents house nearing completion

Original thread from my old forums Well my parents new house is pretty much completed. All that is left is for some appliances to be put into place and for some touch up paint work to be done. As a … Continue reading

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Letter to Marvel

Got to thinking about it today and since there is little chance that anyone from Marvel would ever browse to my site, I went ahead and did a somewhat childish thing and sent them the following letter: Perhaps this is … Continue reading

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The New Job and some updates

Sorry to those that are looking for immedate updates. It has taken a few minutes to get time to sit down and put this together. The job is sweet. Lots of cool stuff to mess with and an office that … Continue reading

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