Shelly’s Wedding

This weekend I headed up to Indiana and attended my cousin's . It was a great time and I am extremely glad that I was there for it.

The wedding itself was pretty short. I think less than 20 minutes. I recorded the whole thing and still had a pretty good amount of tape left, so it must have not been that long. Shelly looked really pretty throughout the whole thing. No major mess ups or anything like that.

After the wedding one of my other cousins who I hadn't seen in about 10 years hung around. This was pretty suprising since there had been some bad blood between his and my mom (brother and sister). He said that really had nothing to do with him and he was going to do what he wanted. When we were kids him, Shelly and I spent a lot of time together as we were close to the same age. When we were together I always remember us having a great time, so it was kinda sad to think of all the time we had missed being apart.

I spent some time with his kids, who are extremely cute and pretty and then at the I spent most of the night talking with him and cutting up. Toward the end of the reception Shelly got done with her Bridely duties and all three of us got to spent some time talking. Me and Bobby tapped out the last of the keg in what ended up being a contest with the Hotel staff on how many more beers were in the keg. By then the party was winding down and since we had already sent his wife, my mom, my grandma, my girlfriend, my sister, his daughters and who knows who else out shopping and they had came back, we decided to call it a night.

Luckly, I think him and his wife are planning a trip down here to the sometime in the future and it sounds like they are trying to work with my other Aunt and Uncle (Shelly's mom and dad) so that they come down at the same time. God I hope so.

It is impossible to capture the fun of the night and condense it down to words here, so I will leave it at saying, that I had one of the most fun times that I can remember in the last few years.

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