Talked with Frank last night

I got a call from Frank Miles last night and we talked for about a hour and a half about various things.

He is still working at IBM in North Carolina and has recently purchased a around there. According to him the house is a duplex and he is planning on renting out one half of it to help with the house payments and all.

Said he was thinking about going back to school, possibly for a Masters in computer science. He seemed pretty excited about that possibility.

The phone conversations is probably one of the longest I have ever had save with maybe and this one was cut short by the battery in my cell phone starting to crap out. Of course he has free long distance with his cell like I do so he should have called me at my home phone.

Frank is kinda a -Journal loser, especially since he is supposed to be a tech person, so I don’t know if you will see him on here or not. You’ll know it is him by his trademark

@: – )

Elvis smilicon.

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