XBOX Games!!!

So I recently got a few Xbox games and I thought I would take some time to give you guys a quick review of them.

WWE2: Wow terrible. Not much else to say. Might be fun in a multi-player enviroment, but playing it by myself was like eating glass shards cold.

Freaky Flyers: Mario Kart in Planes!! Except it is hard to keep track of what is going on. The maps are expansive and there aren't any tracks. Plus you can go up or down. What it really makes it is hard. Hard to keep track of where you are supposed to be going and hard to meet the various goals that it sets for you.

Freedom Force: This is a pretty bad ass game really. It suffers from one thing. It is hard to aim. The control for where you are looking is sorta jacked up. The concept of the game is awesome though and I would say it is a definite must play. In the game America has been invaded by the USSR. At the end of WWII it was Russia that dropped the bombs not us. As a result of that and other events they became the dominate Superpower. Now it is your job as a freedom fighter to attempt to battle them out of New York. The interesting thing is that a close line could be drawn between this scenerio and perhaps the one in now. It is set off nice by news reports from the now Russian run media about how they are helping people and “Have always been worried about the dictatorship government of America”. Good stuff, if only the controls were a little better. Of course I never played a lot of Tomb Raider so perhaps I am just not practiced at it.

I also got a copy of Futurama. It is pretty decent and would probably be worth playing through if I didn't have these other ones to play. The controls are fairly decent, but it suffers from something that I have found to be a problem in all 3d platform games: Poor landing detection. It is too difficult to find the edge of a platform and make the jump to another one that is really far away. You either walk off the edge of the one that you are on, or don't get close enough to the edge and miss the one you are trying to land on.

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