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more thoughts on the war

I recently spoke with a friend of mine that I ran into at TJ Max. She said that she was intending on voting republican in the next election and that she supported the war because she believed if they weren’t … Continue reading

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You think you are relaxed at your job?

This is a picture of the first atomic bomb. In this picture there is a lot going on, but I can’t focus on most of it because all I see is the striped shirted guy lounging around. Just to be … Continue reading

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Iraq tidbits if anyone is interested

I have had the opportunity to correspond over email with an old high school friend who is currently serving in Iraq. Since I am interested in the conditions over there, I have asked him lots of questions. I thought that … Continue reading

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A Christmas Parade

So Mom agreed to enter their new house into a parade of homes in Burkesville for Christmas. I think the proceeds are to go to a scholarship. She had been working on getting the house decorated for several weeks now … Continue reading

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In incredible news breaking in the US over the weekend, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has made an application to the Federal Communications Commission requesting easy access to all forms of Internet communication, including Microsoft�s Xbox Live and online PlayStation … Continue reading

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Protected: Rebirth – Introduction (Part I, still working on it)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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XBOX Games!!!

So I recently got a few Xbox games and I thought I would take some time to give you guys a quick review of them. WWE2: Wow terrible. Not much else to say. Might be fun in a multi-player enviroment, … Continue reading

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To step away from the stuff going on in Washington and New York and to look at something that I am noticing as a side effect of it I guess. Sites like slashdot and c-net have talked about terriorists using … Continue reading

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