Optic Love

I dropped some new pictures into the . Mostly of the hot rod festival that we had last weekend at the . is the photographer this time and not I. There are pictures of mom's new (to her) mustang and some excellent ones of my uncle's Corvette. Oh and of course there are the '56 pictures that I am slowly working my way through the process of captioning.

Check out the location of the corvette pictures that are located in water. Somewhat cool, is the fact that I think they are taken in the same location, just with 25+ years difference. Kinda nifty in my opinion.

Gallery is located at http://news.brentnorris.net/gallery or you can use the ever updating list on the right side of the journal main page.

I also got my scanner and picture albums over at the new , so I am going to try and get some more of those scanned in and posted.

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