A Christmas Parade

So Mom agreed to enter their new house into a parade of homes in Burkesville for Christmas. I think the proceeds are to go to a scholarship. She had been working on getting the house decorated for several weeks now and on Saturday she thought she could work all day and be ready.

Instead she was woken up by Dad to the tune of Stacey having seizures again. So she had to spend Saturday in the hospital with her. When she called me to tell me about it, I was in the middle of running a swim meet for Bowling Green High School and couldn’t leave. So I told her that P and I would be over there Sunday morning to help her.

We got over there about 7:30-8:00. We dropped some stuff off at the house and then went to see Stacey at the hospital. She seemed pretty groggy but I thought it looked about like she was normally when she was them. Mom decided to ride back with us and see if we could finish the house up before it was time for the people to show up. We worked pretty steady until about 12:30 and got everything ready. I went back to the hospital to take dad a sandwich and stuff. Stacey was looking a lot better. We ended up talking about stuff and I realized that it was after 1:00 when people were supposed to start showing up to look at the house. I called Mom and she said that they had about 10 people in the house and no one from the homemakers group had showed up to help her and P.

So I headed back to the house to help. By the time that I got there a few people had shown up to help them and things were moving along pretty good. One lady accidentally spilt some candle wax down a wall at one point, but the lady, Virginia, that runs the florist shop in Burkesville had come to help and she used the “Warm Iron and Brown Paper shack” trick to get it off. It cleaned up really well and I don’t think anyone really knew too much.

Mom and P sold over $100 of the “glass block, Xmas lights, ribbon and bow” decorations to people that were walking through and liked them.

Toward the end of the night things started to settle down a little and I was talking to a couple of the older ladies about my relatives and stuff. We were in the middle of talking about something and one of the ladies hurriedly excused herself and left. I thought was kinda odd until like 2 seconds later when a huge foul smell wafted through the room. She had dropped an F-Bomb and beat a hasty retreat. Smile

Things turned out pretty good though and we had well over 65 people go through the house.

I snapped some pictures of the decorations and put them here:

By the end of the night Stacey was sitting up and eating and stuff at the hospital so I think she is ok too.

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