Homeopathy is bullshit

The comments in the post about Laser Solutions made me think about the fact that I have never mentioned Homeopathy on here.

Here is a just a quick definition of Homeopathy as I understand it. First some find something that causes problems similar to what you want to cure. So lets say you want to cure neurodegeneration, while something that might cause that would be rattlesnake venom. So you take the venom and put one drop in a vial with 100 drops of water. You then shake that up for so many specific shakes. You then take one drop of that solution and mix it will 100 more drops of water. Shake. One drop of that solution with 100 drops of water. Shake.

Repeat for at least 8 more times, which means that you now have a solution that is 1 drop of venom to 10,000,000,000,000,000 drops of water. 1 drop venom to 10 quadrillion drops of water. Using the volume of a drop of water I found online, I translated that out to gallons. That is 1 drop of venom to 66,307,184,801 gallons of water. Just for reference that is like dropping One drop of Venom into 100,400 Olympic size swimming pools. That is about as concentrated as you get with a Homeopathic remedy.

Needless to say that drinking one glass of water from this “Solution” is effectively drinking water. The chance that even one molecule of venom is in there is so small it is effectively nonexistent. You have better chances of hitting the Powerball three times in your life.

Homeopaths think that by mixing the Venom in the water the first time you then made all the water have a “Memory” of the venom. But, the memory doesn't make the water act like the venom, no instead it makes it act like the opposite of the venom. I still haven't figured out how that is supposed to work.

While I was searching for a picture of the HEAD ON box, I came across the Doctor's Trust website. They have a collection of 43 things that are labeled as homeopathic and they also have a definition of homeopathic. Needless to say their definition seemed poor to me. Homeopathic things aren't the only medicine that they sell, but the sheer fact that they sell it at all makes me not trust the site, regardless of the name.

While looking at the sleep aid section for an experiment I wanted to try, I ran across this gem.

Other Ingredients:
Active Ingredients: Kali brom 30c HUPUS, Coffea cruda 30c HPUS, Passiflora 30c HPUS, Avena 30C HPUS, Alfalfa 30c HPUS, Valerina 30c HPUS.

Inactive Ingredients: Lactose, Sucrose.

Suggested Serving: On first use, turn pack upside down and break seal by pressing base hard with thumb. Press base twice to release 2 pillules into cap, unscrew cap and without touching pillules tip them into the mouth. Chew or let dissolve in mouth 2 pillules 4 hours before bedtime. Repeat immediatley before retiring. An additional 2 pillules may be taken during the night if required. Take between meals.
Precautions: If symptoms persist consult a registered medical practitioner. Consult a physician before taking this product if you are pregnant or nursing or if symptoms persist. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

The first red flag in there should be that none of the “Active Ingredients” are actual medicine. They are all flowers and grass and various other garbage that no one has ever seen help anyone go to sleep. Some of it might even be harmful. Good thing the chance that there is any of this in the actual pills is so low.

Next comes the majority of the pillules ingredients: a part of milk and some sugar.

Then come the directions. It tells you to take them 4 hours before you plan to go to bed. How many other sleeping pills tell you to take them that far ahead of time? , most of them tell you to take them in bed, because otherwise you will be sleeping on the kitchen floor. What are the chances that if you take something that four hours later you might feel tired naturally? Next it tells you to take it again right before bed. Well what were the first ones for then? Preparing your body for the next pair? Then it says you can take two more later if you need them. How many other sleeping pills can you find that have actual ingredients that tell you it is ok to take 6 pills within the space of say 8 hours? I bet the number is somewhere close to zero.

Section two tells us that if anyone taking these continues to have the problem, maybe they should call their doctor. So basically:

If you have trouble sleeping and eating these sugar pills doesn't help you sleep, then perhaps you should talk to someone that knows something about medicine and the human body, because obviously our bunk science can't help you out.

Also notice in the description that was cut and pasted right off of the site, there are spelling errors and pillules, doesn't seem to show up on dictionary.com

This leads me into the experiment that I want to try. I want to get some of these and just eat them like candy. Maybe one at a time every 5 minutes or something. I want to have someone there so that if magically something does start happening to me they can at least document it if not maybe administer some Homeopathic wake up pills. 🙂

I would put my money on nothing happening though.

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  1. Brent says:

    I heard an advertisement for Murine Homeopathic Cure for Swimmers Ear yesterday while I was in the car. That was just too funny to me. Everyone I am sure knows what causes swimmers ear right? Water.

    Since the cure they are scamming people into buying is just Water, you are then attempting to get water out of your ear by dripping water into your ear. Truly astounding.

    I always love how they spew out that there are no known side effects of using their products. Yeah well it is hard to get side effects from water, unless of course frequent urination occurs.

    The scary part is that this bullshit seems to be more and more popular around here. Maybe I am just more aware of it now. I hope that is it.

  2. TariqC says:

    I don’t see why you care. If you don’t think they will work then don’t take them. Homeopaths aren’t trying to scam anyone, so why are you wasting your energy writing this crap. All of your debunks, compare it to regular OTC pills which is exaclty what homeopathic remidies are not. The whole point is so that you are not ingesting toxic substances. If you want a pill knock you out then goto CVS and buy one. The remedy you gave is supposed to help you fall asleep naturally with out having to be drugged.

  3. Brent says:

    First Homeopaths ARE trying to scam people. They are the ones that try to act like it is some type of real medicine that is based on some kind of real testing or results. It isn’t. There are NO successfully tested effects from Homeopathy in a double blind test. Only when the placebo effect is used do they have any effect at all.

    The whole point of the post is that not only are you not ingesting toxic substances, you aren’t ingesting anything except water or sugar. Not only are Homeopathic remedies not the same as OTC remedies, they aren’t even remedies. They are just water or sugar.

    The reason I “waste my energy writing this crap.” is because most people don’t know that they are paying for absolutely nothing that they couldn’t get out of their tap. They don’t know that their money is going to promote a group of people that will let someone die, rather than tell them they are just drinking water.

    People DIE because they believe in this utter bullshit and instead of going to the hospital to get ACTUAL medicine, they listen to these snake oil salesmen and think happy happy joy joy thoughts while drinking their water “medicine” all the way to their death bed.


    and yes I am yelling there, because it is a point that needs to be yelled.

  4. maxx says:

    TariqC – he cares because he is a concerned person, and because this is his forum for expression. If you think his writing is crap, then don’t read it. And lets get this straight – I’m not suggesting your response to him is crap (to borrow from your eloquent vocabulary) because I do equally support your right to free expression.

    I didn’t respond to this post when Brent first posted it because I actually do disagree with some of the details. Homeopathy isn’t bullshit – it is the fact that the word has gotten hijacked and turned into a marketing term that is bullshit. Do a google search for ‘Definition Homeopathy’ and you’ll see what I’m talking about – a lot of variation on the words ‘alternative medicine’.

    In reality, homeopathy evolved in the east along the same path as medical science did in the west. Remember vaccination? Small doses of the infection stimulating the body’s natural defense mechanisms and creating antibodies against future infection? Yeah, thats the basic logic with homeopathy as well. Except of course, that homeopathy isn’t an exact science, which means that people can’t be accredited within it (I don’t mean bogus degrees handed out today either), and because there are a great many people who want to yell out their miracle cures and the fact that the fickle media loves a vacuous story, this has all turned into a bunch of bullshit.

    When I was a kid, I had tonsilitis. Couldn’t do a damn thing about it – my Dad had it as a kid, my Mom had it too. Both of them had them removed as kids, and moved on with life. My Mom (a respected cell biologist and pretty far from the faith-based healer crowd as you could get) took a different approach with me. I recall that she sat me down and said “Look, you can have the tonsils out, but tonsils are where antibodies are produced and nature doesn’t really build stuff into your body that is totally useless. You can go that route and have ice-cream after the painless surgery, or you can try this homeopathic remedy”. Long story short, I went to this homeopathic doctor – an old man who himself looked like he was on his last legs (and now deceased, I’m sure), but who had a track record of curing this with several of my Mom’s friends kids; kids that I knew personally – and once a week he ground up these plants and herbs and (yes, it is true) sugar to make it taste like something other than crap. I wasn’t thrilled, but I ate this stuff anyway. Within a few months the tonsilitis was gone, and never came back.

    And no, the moral of this story is not that I started flying the flag of homeopathy. I have an excellent health care plan today and I can afford the best OTC pills the pharmaceutical lobby can sell me (from the counter of a Canadian drug store!) – and I’ve never turned to homeopathy as a cure. Also, I didn’t mentally cure myself as a kid because I had faith in the curative powers. If anything, I -didn’t- believe the old man’s crap was going to make any difference, and I was doing it to prove my Mom wrong (to my own eternal chagrin, I had to admit she was right!). Personally I think it comes down to this – if the homeopathic doctor is an old man with a real track record from people that you personally know and is in no way being enriched by his grinding up of herbs, then *maybe* his skills will work for you. If there is even a penny spent on advertising the miracle cure, then I’d consult a real doctor – at least the latter can be legally sued in a court of law at some future date by your loved ones.

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  6. Matt says:

    Sorry maxx, it wasn’t the magic cure that fixed your tonsillitis. You could have done nothing and your tonsillitis may have went away. Tonsillitis is caused by a virus so there is nothing a doctor could have done other than remove your tonsils.

    Homeopathy is bullshit.

  7. maxx says:

    Sorry Matt. I disagree with that statement. Yes, diseases caused by viruses are incurable – at least as far as conventional remedies are concerned. However, conventional medicine is *not* the end-all-be-all of medical science. Medicine is constantly changing, and I’m not quick to dismiss something because it doesn’t fit the pigeonhole of what we currently know. As I said above, I’m not advocating homeopathic solutions, and I’m limiting my criticism of homeopathy to the charlatans who profit from it.

    Another thing – tonsils are a natural part of the human body. Removing them does cause an important part of the defense mechanism to be compromised. When you say “nothing a doctor could have done except…” you’re making a statement that assumes that this is the only cure. I’m specifically saying that this isn’t the only cure. There are others, I have no idea what was in those pills, but I do know that it was a cure, and I know I didn’t suffer from tonsilitis since. Maybe a fluke? Sure. Doesn’t explain how other people enjoyed the same. Thats too coincidental for my palate.

    You’re welcome to your opinion – as is Brent. But I know what worked for me, and thats a fact – not a matter of opinion. I’m not pimping for the old man, I’m not suggesting people line up for homeopathic solutions – I’m just saying that conventional medicine isn’t the ultimate solution to all medical maladies.

  8. Matt says:

    Isn’t it possible that the virus just took it’s course? I understand that the medicine of today is just another step in the chain of medicinal evolution and not an ultimate solution. Medicine is science, and science is always changing. Doctors are always coming up with new ideas and testing them etc., however, homeopathy is not science. It’s NOT medicine. We can prove statistically that it has absolutely no effect. That’s a fact – not a matter of opinion. It’s a fact that homeopathic medicine isn’t the solution to any medical malady.

  9. Jeff says:

    Here’s something that struck me as funny. The standard dilution of a homeopathic “medicine” is 30C. That means that the original substance listed was diluted with 10 parts water, and then a liter of that solution was diluted with 10 parts water, on and on for 30 times. Some solutions are diluted to the 200C level.

    After dilutions of 12C you reach a limit related to Avogadro’s Principle (remember 6.022×10^23?). Past that point, the probability is nearly none that there is even one particle of the original substance in the new solution. These pills are water and filler. To believe otherwise is to believe in magic. I’m not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence here, but we know how chemistry and physics works. We know that there is only water in these solutions. No homeopath has been able to distinguish such homeopathic water from regular water, and there is no difference between them when subjected to scientific scrutiny. You just cannot rationally argue with those facts.

    Testimonials like yours, Maxx, are the least reliable of any kind of medical evidence. Understand, I’m not calling you a liar at all, but you must admit that you have no way of knowing whether the homeopathic medicine really did anything. There is a time-tested, doctor approved explanation for the success that keeps homeopathy running, and that’s the placebo effect.

  10. Brent says:

    But I know what worked for me, and thats a fact – not a matter of opinion.

    I am sorry man, but this statement is false. It is not a fact that it worked for you, because you don’t know what happened inside your body. It IS your opinion that the pills are what worked for your based on your knowledge of the event.

    You know that you took the pills and you know that you got better afterwards. If it were simple cause and effect than it would be a good assumption, but there are other factors that the simple cause and effect do not take into account.

    You body has an immune sytem that was working the whole time. You cannot account for any result that involves that. You cannot account for if the virus died out and you cannot account for the very REAL placebo effect. Strictly BECAUSE you are the person that this happened to, you cannot give an accurate result from it and that is why things like Homeopathy thrive.

    In controlled experiments that can successfully avoid the placebo effect, homeopathy has never successfully done anything for anyone. If homeopathy does have any effect, then it has never shown up in numerous studies and tests.

  11. maxx says:

    “With medical costs rising, more people said they pray for their health than invest in every form of alternative medicine or therapy combined, the abstract reports.”

    I read this (a part of the Census Report released this AM) and HAD to add it to this thread. This should make both you guys pretty happy… or pretty sad, depending on which dead horse you planned on flogging today 🙂

  12. maxx says:

    NY Times link didn’t get added above, so… here it is.

  13. chiong says:

    One drop in a swimming pool of water is not homoeopathic medicine. You need to do the succussion. This means 1 drop in 99 drop, shake it up and then from this new remedy take 1 drop and put in another 99 drops and repeat. It is the energy of the substance that’s get transfered from one succusion to another. Thermonluminance experiment had validated that this energy does get transferred even at 30C potency where not a single molecule of the original substance exists.

    Doubt and scepticism is different. Doubt is very unhealthy and it comes from a personal agenda – hidden or revealed or ulterior is for you to know. Scepticism is healthy because the sole purpose of discourses that arose from it is the seeking after truth and understanding.

    Homoeopathic remedies are wholistic in nature. A single remedy can treat a thousand conditions just as a single condition could be treated by a thousand remedies. This is something that most materialist with linear, one-dimensional kind of thinking will never accept. The scientific materialism and reductionism destroys the non-linear relationships with its methodology and so what it finds is very similar to what the 6 blindmen found about the elephant.

    Homoeopathic remedies had never killed anyone but modern medicine today especially in developed countries are credited with the number one killer – after cancer and heart attack (http://www.webdc.com/pdfs/deathbymedicine.pdf).

    The argument that people seek homoeopathic treatment in preference to modern medicine and hence could be killed by their ignorance really doesn’t fit into reality. People usually seek modern medicine first and then when it fails to work they would seek alternative – if they are already not killed by modern medicine.

    WHO estimated a few years ago that 80% of today’s diseases, mostly chronic diseases are iatrogenic diseases. This means diseases that are caused by your physician practising modern medicine.

    The US with one of the largest budget for health care in the world is ranked 23 out of 25 countries in terms of public health. It seems that there’s an inverse correlation between health and the amount of money spent on modern medicine.

    I think the writing is on the wall – either we grow up and out of all our puerile and innane outburst or we wise up.

  14. Brent says:

    OK don’t come here spouting Bullshit and expect no one to check it.

    Thermoluminence has no entry in Wikipedia and no related entry in google searches. So please provide some creditable links (not other homeopathic crap) if you want anyone to even bother with this.

    Homeopathic medicines directly have never killed anyone because drinking plain tap water doesn’t hurt anyone. Now there have been several people die because they didn’t get help when they though the water they were drinking had some kind of special POWAR!

    Homeopathic crap is not holistic in nature they are imaginary in nature. The rest of this doesn’t really make any sense, so I don’t really have a way to counter it.

    80% of diseases are caused my modern medicine? Yeah can you give me a link to something on that? Again please no homeopathic sites.

    I think the reality is in the world. Homeopathy is bullshit and I challenge to provide a credible link that proves that incorrect. No study has ever shown it to actually work. None.

  15. Beat says:

    Good work, Brent. There is a lot of bunk, and you are helping debunk it.

    As for your homeopathic wake-up pills, hell, why not just go all the way? Make some homeopathic “receive $1000” pills. People will believe it works, 2 months after it, when they get their tax return.

  16. Ricky says:

    Here is some Jokes about Homeopathy
    Homeopaths say that aggravation happens because the body throughs hidden symptoms when somebody take Homeopathy medicine.
    The joke is a Homeopath reascher was doing proving for a medicine used for madness symptom.
    So when he took the medicine he found that lot of madness came out.
    He took more dose to make sure and more madness came out.
    His fellow researchers also tried the medicine and found madness came out from their brain(probably)
    They took more and more dose and found more and more madness came out and then they came out
    with a decision Ureka we have discoverd the medicine for madness.
    Who are this Homeopath researchers mad or cheater?

    Another Joke
    I asked one medicine if you take a medicine why it cause aggravation.
    HE came with a answere the answere is
    “Aggravation is sign of healing”
    Then the joke is what is the sign of healing

    He stated the the body throughs the symptom.?
    But where does it through inside the body or outside the body?.
    if it through outside the body then the body should not feel any aggravation it is all gone.
    then it throughs inside the body.
    from Where does it take the symptoms ? answer is inside the body.
    So it takes symptoms from inside the body and throughs inside the body
    What a joke.

    Homeopathy is false and it is a fraud and crime
    I am giving one proof
    1)Lenz’s law
    Lenz’s law states that any induced electromotive force will be in the direction such that the flux it creates will oppose the change in the flux that produced it.
    It says that the system behaves in such a way that the effect is minimized but never says that
    The reaction to the action exceeds the action itself therefore
    The claim by the homeopaths that opposite reaction of the Mechanical force(which is cause by some form of induction according to them)
    Creates vital force and and Mechanical force go way But Vital force(curing force) does not go so the body heals

    If homeopathy has to work it has to work on the basis of induction
    which would never bring good effect which the Homeopaths(Actually the most sophisticated cheaters in the world)

    Homeopathy is totally baseless and false
    If Lenz’s law and Physics is true Homeopathy is false

  17. Caroline Jumper says:

    Did you hear the joke about the homeopath’s patient who forgot to take his medicine?

    He died of an overdose.

  18. kmr says:

    To each his own. Those that believe in homeopathy can continue to do so and those that dont may call it bullshit.

    My personal example – i had a dry cough would stop with theobromine based tablets. But it was recurrent. I tried homeopathy -aconite. It did not work. Next similar symptoms were suggested by bryonia. That too did not work. I then found that Rumex matched my symtoms exactly and one does of that cured it.

    I used to have regular sunday headaches and vomit bile. This was regular for 6 yrs. I used to take analgesics and with one tablet the headaches used to disappear. I then tried homeopathy – nat sulph. It did not work. I found Iris Versioclor and Belladonna both matched my symptoms well. But either of them only made the headache slightly less. But when i took them ogether, the headache dissapeared.

    My wife had asthma and was on medication for 2 yrs. She would vomit phlegm because of gagging, twice a day on average. She used inhalers and upto 10 tablets per day. One day the vomiting was intense. I gave her homeopathy -ipecac dissolved in water, without her knowing. The vomiting stopped and gthe asthma improved by 80% immediately. The next day there was only a loose rattling cough. I gave her antimonium tartaricum and spongia. Again without her knowing. Her asthma disappeared within 2 days.

    Now after 2 yrs the asthma has come again. ( I did not give constitutional remedies…only palliatives..). Ipecac does not wrok on her any more and her symptoms correspond more to arsenic and kali carb. A homeopathy dopctor has prescribed those and the asthma has improved 80%. It will be followe dby a more constitutional cure.

    Bottom line is let me say that homeopathy is bullshit. Perhaps it has a placebo effect. Al the same, it works for me. If it is bullshit so be it – this bullshit cures me.

  19. harichalups says:

    The plural of anecdote is not data. Evidenced based medicine is the greatest new (alternative) medicine in the world. Homeopathy simply fails the evidence test. You would do better to take an effective substance, and add the placebo effect there.

  20. Omar says:

    I think you’re confusing things KMR
    Great discussion BTW Brent!

    I agree that there are substances out of the realm of
    strict western medicine that can and do treat ailments such as herbs and such. (which is what you’re speaking of KMR)
    There is a difference, however, between a natural substance, that has a proven effect, and homeopathy, which in my eyes
    is complete nonsense. It just defies all rational.

    Now I’m a registered nurse and believe me I’m all about
    holistic medicine including: massage, herbs, aromatherapy,
    diet, exercise, hell even positive imagery.
    and I especially endorse legalization of medical MJ : )
    These can all play a huge role in a patients recovery.
    No single one however could ever be called a cure all, though.

    I’ve got to agree with Brent, homeopathy is just…..baloney.

  21. Dr. Nancy Malik says:

    Homeopathy cures even when Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails

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  23. TimP says:

    It is UNBELIEVABLE that people are here supporting this NON-SCIENTIFIC B.S. and YES, Homeopathy is TOTAL B.S.

    Let’s start with the PREMISE.
    1) Homeopathy says that if you are sick with a cold, then the solution is to take a substance that gives you SIMILAR symptoms as a cold *except* you reduce the substance down and only take a small portion of it and *somehow* …MAGIC happens and your body views this DILUTED POISON as a COLD VIRUS…that’s right…Homeopathy says that your body *MAGICALLY* views a poison chemical substance as a Cold VIRUS!!! and reacts accordingly and hence you cure yourself.

    Homeopathy is COMPLETE horseshit!!!

    It IS a matter of FAITH. BUT, I can have faith in magic stones and rocks resting on my chest to cure my “aura” of its problems. Hey, Andy Kaufman cured his Cancer that way didn’t he…oh wait, he’s DEAD.

    You people that believe in even the PREMISE of homeopathic medicine, AFTER you know what it is are PLAIN STUPID.

    Ignorant, non-scientific, faith based crap. You might as well pray to God…at least God is a Being that can be argued about legitimately. Homeopathy is NOT. It is PURE QUACKERY!

    Oh, There ARE Herbal products that work. There are alternative medicines that work. But IF they cannot pass a simple double blind study, it is BULLSHIT.

    By the way, Zicam…as in ZINC is not true homeopathy. Zinc is a mineral that when added to a *deficient* body’s immune system helps it fight off bacteria and virii.

    If you ignorant folks want to believe in homeopathic “medicine” go right ahead but I sure home you don’t have kids and they have to put up with your “Faith Healing”. because that is EXACTLY what it is…except your faith isn’t a faith in God, it’s a faith in a NON-SENSE theory that has NEVER been proven at ALL!

  24. TimP says:

    The second false premise is that “Homeopathic Medicine has never killed anyone.”

    That’s the same as saying that standing there while someone shoots you in the head hasn’t killed anyone…OF COURSE IT HAS.

    INACTION has killed as many people if not MORE than someone trying to go to legitimate doctor and get help that way.

    Homeopathy’s false philosophy is the same as not doing ANYTHING about a condition at all.
    There are homeopathic medicines for heart disease. I had an 80 percent blockage at one time in my RCA (right coronary artery). I had two stents put in that artery. If I had taken your sugar water cure, I’d be dead by now. It’s the same as if I had put rocks on my head trying to cure my “aura”…I’d be dead by now. You people that like homeopathic medicine because “one time I took it and I got better”…yeah…ok…I had a cold once, I masturbated and got better…HALLALUJAH…MASTURBATION CURES COLDS!!!

    Your principles and basis for your faith in that stuff is truly and astoundingly IDIOTIC.

  25. carol says:

    I too am an RN (BSN, MBA) and I do use some alternative medicine because the side effects of most meds are so bad that they affect me at work. Arnica has helped me a lot with aches and pains. Bach’s Rescue Remedy does wonders when I am stressed out. I have had some luck with Hyland’s remedies for colds, flu, allergies, but you have to take them frequently. It seems to be hit amd miss- some work for some people. Any time I can take something with fewer side effects I am going to try it. Other remedies I have tried have not worked. I have a lot of trouble with allergies and asthma and nothing has helped the cough other than Western medicines, but I have not given up hope. I am going to try something with theobromine which is why I am online now. Yes I like Head On for mild headaches. All in all, alternative medicines are cheap, have few side effects, and little risk of harm. For chronic problems that you already have diagnosed I can’t see any reason not to try them. If in doubt- see a doctor!

  26. Brent says:

    There are plenty of reasons to not try them. The first and most obvious is that not treating something with the correct medicine can cause death. Now in your case because they are just aches and pains that is unlikely, but it is not hard to see how YOU promoting alternative medicine could get someone killed. If you tell just one cancer patient that they should not have chemotherapy and instead do something some like ingest minor amounts of rattlesnake venom, then that could easily kill them.

    The other reasons are legion. Waste of money, promotes an industry that in no way helps mankind, promotes beliefs that are not grounded in reality and many others. As someone that is in the health care field I would like to hope that you would be more logical about your choices of medicine than to take something as random and unproven as some of these remedies you are talking about. I hope that you aren’t ever MY registered nurse, because I am much happier using proven medicine and not something hokey pipe dream.

  27. Jeff says:


  28. Micah says:

    I am definitely a skeptic of homeopathy. I suffer from Chronic sinus problems, and there are a plethora of homeopathic remedies out there to treat sinus issues.

    I’ve tried many of these with little to no success.

    I’ve heard several good reports of people feeling better using these remedies, but I think its important to read all of the ingredients in some of these remedies. Some of the homeopathic ingredients are mixed with with herbs and other ingredients known to help provide relief, therefore making it fully possible that the homeopathic remedies are doing nothing while the other ingredients are providing relief.

    If homeopathy really did work, then why is there not any real studies concluding this?

    I am a skeptic until proven otherwise… As science dictates.

  29. Katie says:

    “Yes I like Head On for mild headaches.”

    Hahahaha, are you KIDDING ME? There’s nothing in it! It’s just a stick of wax. You may as well put chapstick on your head for all it’s doing to help you.

    I want to be surprised that a nurse would do something so stupid, but these days, I can’t bring myself to be shocked by this kind of thing anymore.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Brent.

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  31. Kunal says:

    Thanks for the numbers explanation at the start. I read the wikipedia page, but the explanation there isn’t that easy to understand. I am amazed by reading all this about homeopathy. Indians believe a lot in this crap…i even remember standing for 2 hours in a queue to visit a very famous homeopathic doctor back in Mumbai, India. He used to put some powder in my mouth and then give me those white pills. It was worth the wait for 2 hours because as a kid i used to love those sugary pills. What complete nonsense this homeopathy is…i wish more people in India read this and get rid of this ridiculous form of medicine.

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