Saving the World one Bulb at a time?

No not really, but and I decided to give some of the compact fluorescent bulbs from Sam's Club the other day. We hadn't really looked much into it, but we had both heard about the pluses to using them in terms of power usage and such.

They aren't much change really in terms of light and such. We both are happy with them and I found this site that I thought was pretty cool. It is an attempt to get people to change out their bulbs and watch as more and more people change them out.

It also has this saving calculator that I thought was pretty cool.
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2 Responses to Saving the World one Bulb at a time?

  1. Michael says:

    I’ve been slowly changing my condo over to the CF bulbs as my traditional bulbs burn out. (Especially since Philips has been making the “soft flood” bulbs for overhead recessed lighting, which I have entirely too much of.)

    My only real complaint is that they’re technically “instant on”, but it takes them several minutes to warm up to full output. I have some 60W CF bulbs in the living room, and you have to turn them on a minute or two before you can read a book. (Still, a small price to pay for at least pretending to help out the environment, I suppose.)

  2. Brent says:

    That actually works out for me in the morning, because we put them in our bathroom. Which means when I walk in there in the morning and flip the switch I am met with a somewhat dim light, which then gets brighter. That allows my eyes to adjust to it and I think that is one of the neatest things ever. 🙂

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