Orca MSI Editor

I had to use a program that Microsoft puts out for free today. It is called and it can be used to edit MSIs at the database level. It is a good tool, but to get it you have to download like 300 megs of junk from MS. It seemed pretty dumb, so I am posting here so that I don't have to do that anymore.

Download orca.msi

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233 Responses to Orca MSI Editor

  1. Jay says:

    Thanks alot dude.

  2. kupidooo says:

    thnx a billion man microsoftsite is crab shitt it makes me dazzy even when i try to download a singel file it takes me an hour just to locat it and also i found the file packaged with alot of other craby programs microsoft suck u the best 🙂

  3. homey.. says:

    thanks a lot… :-)))))))))))))))))

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  6. AVHerur says:

    Hi dude, nice stuff.Thanks a lot.

  7. Sébastien Boudreau says:

    I must add my own ton of thanks. So helpful great work. Thank you.

  8. Lebza says:

    Thanks man! Dude You Rock!

  9. Simon Bruce says:

    You’ve probably had enough thanks for now, but I can’t think of anything else… except “gracias amigo”

  10. Chris says:

    Thanks a lot! I just need to look into some msi files and did not want several gigs of developer tools, you’re a star!

  11. Priyank says:

    Thanks a lot dude !!

  12. LK says:

    Thanks, I can’t believe MS still hasn’t caught on that we want this as a separate download.

  13. deKay says:

    Thanks for hosting this! I might have 8MB broadband, but it’s such a waste downloading the whole SDK for a tiny app I’ll use just once!

  14. ChuckD says:

    Big thank you for posting this. Nevertheless I took the liberty to look for the latest and dl’d the new SDK to finally get it. So i offer it up here if you’re interested. Shoot me an email and I’ll get it to you.


  15. Petter says:

    Thank you!!!

  16. Victor says:

    BIG Thanks Brent! You the man!

  17. yakikooki says:

    Thanks! I deleted my installer of Orca a while back. But, I need it again now so this is a great help.

  18. Noel says:


  19. Pierre (from France) says:

    Thanks a lot! more than 2 years ago, people continue to download this jewel. A nice and powerful MSI toolkit I didn’t knew.
    Best Regards from France!

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  22. irwin says:

    thanks a lot man

  23. Orpheus Object says:

    Brent – You are truly an Instantiated_Prince amongst [class]less objects…. 😉 Thanks!!

  24. Josip_Split says:

    I am having difficulties running a Commandos Behind Enemy Lines. I have already install it, but when i try to run it all that appears on my screen is blackness. But i can hear the sound, so i think that the problem is in graphic. Someone told me that thin Orca program will help me. I have downloaded it but i don’t know how to use it. So i am asking for some help. If you know what could be a problem and if you know how to solve it can you write it down on this web page. Thanks

  25. colin says:

    Genius! Thanks so much!

  26. industrial visionary says:

    Even two years later, your generous link is still delivering joy. I had to use orca to fix the VMware VI3 client so it can run on Vista x64. The 2008 SDK is 1.3GB ! Thanks sincerely.

  27. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the great tool!

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  32. vlizzle says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this — greatly appreciated!

  33. Acolnahuacatl says:

    You just saved me a 300MB download that was the only way to install a few programs on Windows 7 6801, thanks!

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  39. Craig Steddy says:

    Hi Brent,

    Have you tried the alternative MSI editor called InstEd? It is free and it has a lot more functionality. The latest GA version is here – http://www.instedit.com/download2?file=InstEd-



  40. Thanks a lot.
    Comments are were useful too :P.

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  42. Fantastic. Thank you very much.

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  45. Jon says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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  47. faster says:

    thank you very much

  48. dzx says:

    Thanks very much!

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