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Teleyapper Web Script

i have been setting up the Teleyapper Nerdvittles Script at work on our Asterisk server and was really surprised that there was no web interface for putting entries into it.  Since they recommended using phpadmin to enter numbers and I … Continue reading

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99.9% Uptime?

We have been moving parts of the district over to a central VoIP phone switch located in our office at the Board of Education. It does put a importance on our servers staying up since if they are down the … Continue reading

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Firmware files for a Digium TE220 with Hardware Echo Cancellation

We recently got a TE220 with onboard Hardware Echo Cancellation from Voipsupply.com for the price gouging cost of $1,150. OCT6114-64D.ima OCT6114-128D.ima I was all excited since we have had lots of reports of echo on our lines and I was … Continue reading

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IP address highlighter

I have a few pages that list IP addresses for systems that are accessible from a webpage.  I don’t have access to change the pages so that the IPs are linked properly so I started looking around for something that … Continue reading

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The Digital Lifestyle

It seems lately that I haven’t been doing a whole lot with the computers that I have at home. Lamar and I were talking about this some and I realized, that unlike when I was in college or right after, … Continue reading

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