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Jon Stewart on PBS’s Bill Moyer

Mom and Dad had this recorded when we went over there this weekend and it is a great segment. It is amazing that we can’t find people like this to actually be politicians instead of the people that we have … Continue reading

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Sylvia Browne F’s up again 5

Yet another fully documented case of Sylvia Browne‘s failure. As has been the case with all the previous ones, she did a reading on Montel that should thought could never be proven wrong, except it was… again. Sylvia Browne’s screwup … Continue reading

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Allison Dubois on 1 vs 100

Last night I was watching an episode of 1 vs 100 that MythTV had recorded and was greeted by famed “psychic” Allison Dubois on the show. Many people know her as the supposed inspiration for the TV show “Medium”. She … Continue reading

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Sylvia Browne F’s up again 4

Caught again being a fraud. I really wonder if she thinks the Montel Show is a good thing after all these. This time not only was she wrong about every aspect of the disappearance that she was talking about, she … Continue reading

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What the Wii Needs

I got a Wii last week and have been playing a lot of the Wii Sports. It is a good time and you would be surprised how much movement you end up doing. If you end up playing it for … Continue reading

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Hacking Democracy

Before you go and vote today it might worth your time to watch this show from HBO. It is scary how easy it is for people to screw with these computer machines. It is also scary how in bed these … Continue reading

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Cloned cows, the other red meat

zOMG OMG OMG!!!!!!11!!111!! They are cloning aminals and put tehm in UR foodz!!! RUN!1!!! ..ahem… sorry. The news agencies are all awash with reports that the FDA might approve cloned animals for sale as food. Whoopdee. People need to stop … Continue reading

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Protected: The best explanation

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Homeopathy is bullshit

The comments in the post about Laser Solutions made me think about the fact that I have never mentioned Homeopathy on here.

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Sylvia Browne F’s up again 2

This might be one of the best things about YouTube. People can now catch these screw ups by people like Sylvia Browne and put them out there for everyone, with no denying that they said it. Again Montel tries to … Continue reading

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