The New Job and some updates

Sorry to those that are looking for immedate updates. It has taken a few minutes to get time to sit down and put this together.

The job is sweet. Lots of cool stuff to mess with and an office that is filled to the brim with computers, computer parts, and everything to go with them.

Honestly after my first day I didn't have enough to talk about since I didn't spend very much time at the place. Lamar (who as yet doesn't have a profile in here, probably soon) was and is sick and needed to go to the doctor so I headed out a little early (read 10:00AM) with the rest of the day to myself. After today though there was more time to talk with him and to work on some stuff. It is great to be memorizing admin passwords again and to be working toward goals and agendas. All things that working at AFNI seemed to lack.

A conseqence of going back to work is that my work on Ann's diary has slowed, though I do have some updates on gears that I will hopefully get posted soon. That reminds me and I don't think I have posted these links. I have created pages for my machines since I so often talk about them I thought you should be able to see what they are.


Honestly it has been a week or three since I knocked those out so I can't remember if I got them done or not. I'll try to check someday. And no I didn't pick those colors to be impossible to read I'm just lucky like that I guess.

What else….. Oh yeah big props to Pyroman for his meeting the other night about WebVCR+. The boy has done a bang up job on that shit and he deserves any traffic you can send his way. If you are too to buy a TiVo then this is the shit for you. Top Notch!! Top Notch!!! 🙂 (Two cool points for the movie which contains those last four words like that.)

Possible new look for the forums coming down the pipe. I am letting maxx get all his ducks in a row on his new house before I really start busting him or scott (sorry scott don't have a URL for you off the top of my head) up with requests. It may not replace these but I might move it in on or as just an addition to these.

And finally props to Seth for his graduation from !!! I hope he will continue to post to the page and keep us up to date on what is going on with him.

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